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Medicare - Where and HOW to Start



Getting started with Medicare can feel overwhelming, but you don't have to navigate the waters alone or without a compass. We can guide you through steps and determine the best path for you and your circumstances


Generally, here are some of the highlights that we review when starting out with Medicare:


  • Signing up for Part B Medicare
  • Review which coverage path is best for you (Supplement + Part D or MAPD)
  • Determine which plan is best based on Network, RX needs, etc.
  • Creating expectation of costs (Part B, Part C and/or D, Supplement, IRMAA)
  • Assisting Spouse with coverage if they don't qualify for Medicare yet
  • Educating basic compliance, penalty and deadline details

It doesn't stop there! We are here to assist after you get started too. Needs change, issues arise (claims, billing, eligibility, RX changes, etc.) and we will serve and be a guide. If you are already a Medicare Beneficiary but want to make sure you are in the best plan for your circumstances, we can help you as well!


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